IRSC Foundation

Development Team
Ann Decker
Executive Director
(772) 462-4786
Melanie Forget
Director of Development
(772) 462-7244
Julaine Ivy
Donor Relations
(772) 462-7856
Susan O'Brien
Administrative Assistant
to the Executive Director
(772) 462-7251
Monique Walker
Development Coordinator
(772) 462-7242
Development Coordinator/Scholarships
(772) 462-7249
Marcia Gordon
Scholarship Assistant
(772) 462-4786
Olivia Lenau
Alumni Development Coordinator
(772) 462-7254
Student Housing
Latrice Thomas
Property Manager/Accounting Specialist
(772) 462-7246
David Liddle
(772) 462-7241
Christina Case
Financial Management Assistant
(772) 462-4786
Fielden Institute for Lifelong Learning - Program Staff
Melissa DePriest
Program Director
Fielden Institute for Lifelong Learning
(772) 462-7880
Katherine Hazellief
Administrative Assistant
Fielden Institute for Lifelong Learning
(772) 462-7880
Take Stock in Children Scholarship Program Staff
Betty Saffioti
Program Coordinator
(772) 462-7252
Brianne Hutchinson
College Success Coach
(772) 462-4786
Lisa Ruiz
College Success Coach
(772) 462-7245
Indian River County Number:
(772) 226-2506
Evette Rodriguez
College Success Coach
(772) 462-7248
Martin County Number:
(772) 419-5692


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