About Us

Thank you to all of our members and friends who have contributed to the Fielden Institute Endowment Fund, ensuring programming excellence!
The Fielden Institute for Lifelong Learning at Indian River State College, is designed for men and women age 50 and better who are interested in exploring shared topics of interest in a college atmosphere. No pre-requisites, no long semesters, no grades, no tests---learning simply for the joy of learning. Programs are peer-led and peer-directed by the membership. Peer leaders volunteer to lead discussion and study groups, hands-on activities, field trips, lectures, book and film groups, all in a welcoming and appropriate environment for the adult learner. These programs do not apply to any IRSC degree program and are non-credit.  
The Fielden Institute for Lifelong Learning was endowed by Dr. Jean Dickinson Fielden in memory of her late husband, Dr. John "Jack” Seward Fielden. Jack received degrees from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University and Boston University. Except for serving in the U.S. Navy during World War II, he spent his life in academia, as a member of the faculty at the University of Illinois, Purdue, and Harvard, and Dean of the Business Schools at Boston University and the University of Alabama, where he met Jean. Active in the Institute since its establishment in 2006, Jack served on the External Advisory Committee and facilitated classes until his death in 2010.

Jean continues to serve as a devoted advisor and peer leader of the popular multi-campus offering, Great Adaptations: Books into Films: Never Judge a Book by its Film.
Loyal supporters of Indian River State College, Jack and Jean Fielden have pledged leadership gifts to support the growth of the college’s student scholarships in health sciences and mathematics. Published authors, the Fieldens also helped to develop the Pioneer River Press. With more than 25 years of experience training employees at some of the world’s largest corporations, Dr. Jack Fielden and his co-authors published, “Throw me the Bottom Line…I’m Drowning in Email!” The Press provides an opportunity to pursue publication with a portion of sales directed to support IRSC scholarships. Jack’s leadership will forever be remembered as an integral part of the success of the lifelong learning initiative at Indian River State College.
Thank you to those founding members who supported our beginning. In 2005, these men and women contributed to the growth and development of lifelong learning programs in the communities served by Indian River State College.
John W. Abney, Sr.
Edwin Arnowitt*
Iris Arnowitt
Donna Sue Banack*
Sidney M. Banack, Jr.
Richard T. Barsalou*
Dana A. Binsbacher
Doris Blair*
Dudley S. Blossom
Robert L. Brackett
Sandra D. Brackett
Eleanor D. Brooks
Arthur W. Brown
Gheretein Y. Brown
Ben L. Bryan
Mary Ann Bryan
F. Earl Campbell
Augustine Campbell
Rosemary F. Carroll
Lucette J. Chizik
Susanne H. Clemons
Jose Conrado
Robert L. Crowder
Deborah B. Crowder
David N. Deinard
J. Lynn Deinard
G. Lee Dixon
Ron Edwards/Evans Properties Inc.
A. Willard Emch
Dr. Jack Fielden*
Dr. Jean Fielden
Phillip J. Forget
Melanie J. Forget
Kathleen A. Gilmartin/GFWC Hobe Sound Women’s Club
Edward W. Golden
Jorge Gonzalez*
Leonor Gonzalez
Mary P. Graves
J. Richard Graves, Jr.*
Elizabeth Graves-Bass
Chester B. Griffin
Sandi Griffin
Rick Haisley
Jimmie Anne Haisley
Edwin Hallberg, Jr.
April Hicks/Proctor, Crook & Crowder
Raymond Hilton*
Frances G. Syfrett
Lucy E. Thater
Sandra Thurlow
Thomas Thurlow,  Jr.
Lorette K. Trolle*
Thomas N. Trolle*
May Jane von Birgelen
Donald R. Wade*
Eleanor T. Wade*
Patricia A. Weber-Schmidt
Carol Weitzel
Harold Weitzel*
Susan E. Williams
Renee A. Witter
Dorothy Wynne
Deena Wynne
Norma Gwen Yoak*
The Fielden Institute is a program of the IRSC Foundation.    
If you have questions, please feel free to call the Fielden Institute for
Lifelong Learning at 772-462-7880.