Crews Legacy Continues to Support Students

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Indian River State College (IRSC) recently received more than $100,000 from the Charitable Remainder Trust of Standish and Hazel Crews. The Crews were Indian River County residents and are both now deceased.  Mr. Crews passed away in 2011, and Hazel followed in November of 2014.

Mr. Crews served on the IRSC District Board of Trustees from 1971-1987 and was named a Board Emeriti when he resigned from the Board in 1987.  He also served as a member of the IRSC Foundation Board of Directors from 1972 to 1995.

During their lifetimes, the Crews supported several initiatives at IRSC, including facilities and scholarships.

In 1983, in recognition of his dedicated service, a large classroom building at the IRSC Main Campus in Fort Pierce was named Crews Hall.  Decades later, this facility underwent major renovation and was rededicated in 2007 as a “one-stop” shop for students to access helpful resources, including financial aid, counseling, cashiers, assessment testing, and career services.  Fortunately, the Crews were able to attend the rededication ceremony.

The gift from the Crews estate was added to their existing scholarship endowment for Baccalaureate degree programs at IRSC.  Their generous legacy will continue in perpetuity to benefit students, helping them achieve their dreams of higher education.