The Distinguished Lecture Series Kicked Off the New Season with Tony Taliancich, Director of East Coast Launch Operations for United Launch Alliance

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Melissa Depriest, Fielden Institute for Lifelong Learning Director; Tony Taliancich, Director of East Coast Launch Operations for United Launch Alliance; Ann Decker, IRSC Foundation Executive Director; and Dr. Jean Fielden, Program Sponsor.
Now in its tenth season, the Distinguished Lecture Series brings experts and seasoned educators to the podium on current events including subjects in foreign policy, the environment, education, health, and the economy.
The Distinguished Lecture Series kicked off the new season with Tony Taliancich, Director of East Coast Launch Operations for United Launch Alliance (ULA). Tony has a B.S. in Chemistry from the United States Air Force Academy and an M.B.A. from Troy State University. He spent 20 years in the United States Air Force and went to work for Lockheed Martin, now ULA, in 2004.  ULA supports many critical missions that directly impact our lives and our future. Mr. Taliancich’s presentation provided insights into some of these missions.  
Even if you were unable to join us for the December lecture with Tony Taliancich, there are still four exciting speakers to look forward to in the new year. 

January 14, 2016 "Physician- Assisted Suicide: The Law and Bioethical Arguments”
Susan Mathews, Ph.D. spent 20 years as an R.N., working in an intensive care unit (ICU). She completed a Ph.D. in Healthcare Administration and is a frequent lecturer on issues of bioethics, social justice and rationing.  This lecture will provide the audience with a targeted presentation on assisted suicide.



February 11, 2016 “Wonderlust- Ventures for an Inquiring Mind”
Dick Jacobs has combined his passion for nature photography with the skills he honed over a business and legal career that spanned more than six decades.  Mr. Jacobs will present a challenging and artful exploration of the issues that must be solved regarding planet Earth. This lecture will introduce provocative lessons he learned while trekking the seven continents with his camera in hand.



March 10, 2016 “The Chaos Known as the Middle East”
Molly Williamson 
speaks extensively on U.S./Middle East relations, especially the Israel/ Palestine conflict, Iran and nuclear challenges, as well as on energy, economic and demographic factors affecting foreign policy formulation.  Ms. Williamson is a former Foreign Service Officer, having served six presidents, achieving the rank of Career Minister. She will provide an update on recent happenings in the Middle East.



April 14, 2016 “A Discussion on Economics”
Gregory Miller
 is Chief Economist with SunTrust Banks, Inc.  He has been a practicing economist, forecaster, and teacher for over 30 years.  As SunTrust’s Chief Economist, Mr. Miller analyzes the U.S. and global economies and forecasts the U.S. national economy.  Mr. Miller comments frequently in business media, including CNBC News, Bloomberg NewsFox BusinessReuters, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and Blue Chip Financial Forecast. This lecture will provide an update on the U.S. and global economy.

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