Board of Directors

The IRSC Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors is a managing body comprised of volunteers primarily from all four counties served by IRSC.  Its purpose is to attract and manage private funds from outside sources.

The Board of Directors is composed of up to 23 members.  Each county has up to four members for equal representation.  In addition, the President of IRSC, the Chairman of the IRSC District Board of Trustees, an IRSC Alumni, and the Interim Vice President of Advancement (non-voting) serve as Foundation Board members. There are also three at-large seats available for persons who have demonstrated outstanding support of the College mission.

Board members are appointed by the Chairman and College President to serve on the Board’s Investment, Audit, Executive, Fundraising, or Membership/Board Effectiveness Committees.  Board standing committees function in an advisory capacity by making informed recommendations to the full Board of Directors regarding policy and financial matters.  Committee meetings are scheduled, as needed, prior to the Board meeting.

Linda T. Syfrett, Okeechobee County, Chair / Executive Committee Chair

William “Bill” Marine, Indian River County, Vice Chair

Ryan C. Abernethy, St. Lucie County, Second Vice Chair

Sandra J. Krischke, IRSC District Board of Trustees Chair

Michael L. Adams, St. Lucie County, Audit Committee Chair

Marc A. Adler, Esq., Member-at-Large

Scott E. Caine, Indian River County, Membership/Board Effectiveness Committee Chair

Stanley Campbell, St. Lucie County

Bert Culbreth, Okeechobee County, Fundraising Committee Chair

Michael Hageloh, Ex-officio, Interim Vice President of Advancement

Frank M. Irby, Okeechobee County

Curtis Johnson, Jr., St. Lucie County

Frank Libutti, Martin County

Douglas J. Marcello, Martin County, Investment Committee Chair

Richard E. Mellin, Indian River County

Michael D. Minton, St. Lucie County

Timothy E. Moore, Ph.D., IRSC President

Heather W. Rucks, Okeechobee County

Thomas H. “Todd” Thurlow III, Martin County

John W. Williams, Okeechobee County

Amber Woods, St. Lucie County