Become A Peer Leader

We are thrilled to announce we are currently accepting proposals for in-person and virtual courses to be held during the 2021- 2022 season! 



Do you have a hidden passion you are eager to share with others? 

Are you looking for a creative outlet to enhance your intellectual stimulation?

Our Peer Leaders serve as volunteer study leaders and lecturers through the Institute. 

 If you have a subject you would like to share or if you know of someone who might make a great peer leader, please consider completing the form below or calling our office at (772) 462-7880


The Peer-to Peer- Difference 
What makes this program different from the myriad of activities available for the older adult is the amazing and diverse wealth of talent and experience Peer Leaders bring to the classroom. Peer Leaders are the heartbeat of the Institute. More than 80 members have served as volunteer Peer Leaders offering nearly 100 different programs each year. A passion for the subject and a collaborative and encouraging personality are great ingredients for enjoyable peer leadership.
Peer leaders determine the preferred format, location and content. Once the Proposal is complete, our Advisory Committee assists in deciding upon a schedule and calendar of events designed specifically for members of our program.
Become A Peer Leader
If you have a subject you would like to share or if you know of someone who might make a great Peer Leader, please complete the online form below or contact the Fielden Institute office at 772-462-7880.

Peer Leader Course Proposal


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