Commemorative Bricks

Bricks for Alumni and Public Safety Professionals

Commemorative Brick Program for Alumni
A student's affiliation with Indian River State College continues well after Commencement. In fact, graduation signifies that all important time in one's life when the title of IRSC student is exchanged for that of alumnus of Indian River State College.  As an IRSC graduate you can leave your mark on campus and provide scholarships for future IRSC students by purchasing a Commemorative Brick through the IRSC Alumni Row Brick Program.

You can purchase a brick as a gift for family and friends who are IRSC alumni. A gift card will be mailed notifying the honoree of your generous support. The cost of a personalized brick is only $150, and proceeds from the IRSC Alumni Row Program will be utilized to support student scholarships. What a wonderful way to publicly recognize success and help pave the way for future graduates!

Commemorative Brick Program for Public Safety Professionals
As a special tribute to their service, IRSC offers a special rate of $50 for public safety professionals to purchase a commemorative brick. Proceeds from the bricks will be used to support ongoing training needs for public safety students and current professionals. Public safety commemorative bricks are permanenently displayed on the parade ground at the Treasure Coast Public Safety Training Complex.

You can purchase a public safety brick as a gift for yourself, family, and friends who are public safety professionals.The cost of a personalized public safety brick is only $50, and proceeds from the bricks will be utilized to support student scholarships.

Career Fields Eligible for Bricks
  • Criminal Justice
  • Fire Science
  • Emergency Management / Administration
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Homeland Security