Fundamentals of Fiber Optics

Fundamentals of Fiber Optics


Online Theory: open entry, self-paced

In Person Practical:  TBD


Indian River State College, Brown Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 3209 Virginia Ave, Fort Pierce FL 34981


Online course: $350.00

Online + practical session: $1,000.00



This course provides a practical, real-world perspective on the fundamentals of fiber optics technology and optical data communications. It examines the reasons why optical fibers are the preferred communications medium, surpassing copper wire in all performance measures. A thorough explanation of how fibers work will be offered, as well as useful coverage of other related optical components and how those components fit into system-level applications. All important elements of a fiber-optic link will be introduced and discussed, such as transmitters, optical fiber, and receivers. Course participants will learn about total internal reflection, types of optical fibers used, connectors and splices, and various types of measurement. Practical skills that a fiber cable installer needs in the field will be practiced through hands-on experiments that include cleaning and visual inspection of the connector end face, installation of the connector on the optical fiber, and splicing of two fibers. Finally, the attendants will be trained to use and perform different measurements using visual fault locators, an optical loss test set (OLTS), and optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR) equipment.


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