Laser Systems and Applications

Laser Systems and Applications


Online Theory: open entry, self-paced

In Person Practical:  TBD


Indian River State College, Brown Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 3209 Virginia Ave, Fort Pierce FL 34981


Online course: $350.00

Online + practical session: $1,000.00


This course builds on the previously acquired knowledge and skills taught in the Introduction to Photonics and the Geometrical Physical Optics courses. Advanced concepts of laser construction and operation will be taught, which includes advanced measurement techniques that depict the various output characteristics for both low-power and high-power lasers. Course participants will be given basic Laser Safety Officer (LSO) training and learn about various laser safety protocols, operating procedures, and equipment used in a Class 4 laser lab environment. Beam profilers, beam splitters, advanced level power meters, spectrometers, and other measurement equipment will be introduced and used in a lab setup. Students will be exposed to the principles and operation of gas lasers (HeNe), ion lasers, semiconductor lasers, fiber-optic lasers, and Nd:YAG lasers. More advanced techniques such as Q-switching, mode-locking, and wave division multiplexing will also be studied on a theoretical and practical level.

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