Light and Optics Experiment Book

The Light and Optics Experiment Book is a laboratory manual with 24 experiments that guide students in the exploration of the fundamentals of geometrical and wave optics, lasers, laser safety, optical alignment, and experimental data analysis.

We recommend using the Experiment Book in:

•High School Physics courses

•High School AP or Honor Physics courses

•Colleges and Vocations Schools into Photonics/Lasers courses

This manual is included in the LASER-TEC “Light and Optics Experiment Kit” but can also be ordered separately.

The Light and Optics Experiment Kit includes all tools and equipment needed to conduct 18 of 24 experiments included in the Experiment Book. 
Discounts are available for larger orders:
0-49 e.a.- $45.00
50 e.a - 99 e.a.- $40.00
100 e.a. or more- $35.00 
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Table of Contents

​1. Laser Safety  

2. Finding the Speed of Light in Acrylic Block

3. Determining the Wavelength of Light   

4. Spectrum of White Light     

5. Care and Cleaning of High Grade Optical Components*

6. Law of Reflection    

7. Primary and Secondary Reflections

8. Optical Filters     

9. Optical Photometer Use and Stability*

10. Prisms and Lenses                 

11. Measuring Focal Length of Bi-Convex Lens                        

12. Measuring Focal Length of Bi-Concave Lens 

13. Measuring Focal Length of Fresnel Lens ​

14. Optical Alignment Techniques*

15. Law of Refraction   

16. Total Internal Reflection    

17. Beam Expanding Collimators   

18. Determining Laser Wavelength Using Grating*     

19. Interference and Diffraction through Slit      

20. Interference and Diffraction through Pinhole     

21. Measuring Diameter of Human Hair using Diffraction     

22. Polarization of Light*   

23. Measuring Laser Beam Diameter and Divergence*       

24. Laser Basics    


*Experiments with an asterisk require additional equipment not provided in the Light and Optics Experiment Kit.

To order 2 or more experiment books and estimate the shipping cost, please contact Lauren Hays at

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