Fiber Optics For Technologists Textbook

Fiber Optics for Technologists, 2016 edition, is the most up-to-date textbook on the market and covers the latest technologies and the skills a twenty-first century technologist or technician must possess. 

This is an easy-to-read introductory textbook written for the technologist and technician in mind. It provides the skills and theory necessary for someone who wants to enter the fiber optics field. It can be used as a textbook for a course at college or university level with emphasis on hands-on training. It can also be used for short- or long-term industrial training.

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The text assumes no prior knowledge of fiber optics and begins with the basic concepts of optical data links, fiber-optic connector types, fiber-optic history, and advantages of fiber optics in chapter 1. In chapter 2 it covers propagation of light, properties of light, transmission through optical fibers, optical modes, optical fiber types, and properties of optical fiber transmission. Chapter 3 covers optical fiber characteristics and fabrication, optical cables types, and connector inspection and cleaning. Chapter 4 covers connectors, mechanical and fusion splicing, and optical couplers. Chapter 5 covers fiber-optic measurement techniques using visual fault locators, optical loss test sets, and OTDR tracing. Chapter 6 covers fiber-optic transmitters and LED and VICSEL optical sources. Chapter 7 covers fiber-optic receivers, PIN diode, Schottky-Barrier, and APD diode detectors. Step-by-step and clearly illustrated experiments show the reader how to properly clean fibers and connectors, how to make mechanical and fusion terminations using factory polished connectors, how to test and measure optical losses using a source and a meter, and how to operate an OTDR to characterize an optical link and identify and repair problems.

This project evolved from the US Navy’s “Introduction to Fiber Optics” NEETS module 24. Many significant changes were made to the original work. The technical content was brought up-to-date with modern science, new technologies and content were added, colorful figures and illustrations now accompany the text, worked-out examples are included, end-of-section review questions along with experiments and PowerPoint presentation files are provided, and the manual comes with a test bank.


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