Light and Optics Experiment Book (Instructor Edition)

Light And Optics Experiment Book | Instructor Edition
  •  The Light and Optics Experiment Book includes 23 experiments that guide in the exploration of the fundamentals of geometrical and wave optics, lasers, laser safety, optical alignment, and experimental data analysis. The instructor edition includes answer keys and solutions.
  • While writing and testing this book, our main focus was to keep the introductory cost to a minimum to make this work available to as many students and teachers as possible. The inexpensive $100 “Light and Optics Experiment Kit” covers 18 of the 23 experiments of this book. The remaining experiments can be completed with the addition of a HeNe class I laser, an optical power meter, and two scissor jacks for an additional $800.

We recommend using the kit in:

Colleges and Vocational Schools & Intro to Photonics/Lasers courses

High School Physics courses

High School AP or Honor Physics courses

CTE STEM Academies

You can learn more about the kit at

Discounts are available for larger orders:

0 - 49 ea.- $45.00

50 - 99 ea.- $40.00

100 ea. or more- $35.00

To order 2 or more experiment books and estimate the shipping cost, please contact Natalia Chekhovskaya at


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