Light And Optics Exploration Demo Lesson Plans (Student Edition)

Light And Optics Exploration Demo Lesson Plans | Student Edition
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  • Description: The demonstration lesson plans were written to accompany the Light and Optics Exploration Kit. It consists of 15 richly-illustrated demonstrations that can be used to bring awareness, excitement, and the aspiration to learn more about the science of light, lasers and optics. All demonstrations have been cross-referenced with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Each demonstration includes the learning objectives, materials needed, background information, procedure, summary, assessment, and bibliography.

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Table of Contents

DEMO 1. Lasers and Their Safe Use

DEMO 2. Blind Spot of the Human Eye

DEMO 3. Electromagnetic Spectrum and Colors

DEMO 4. Absorption and Reflection of Light  

DEMO 5. Law of Reflection

DEMO 6. Specular and Diffuse Reflection

DEMO 7. Law of Refraction  

DEMO 8. Measuring Focal Length of Double Convex Lens  

DEMO 9. Measuring Focal Length of Double Concave Lens

DEMO 10. Total Internal Reflection

DEMO 11. Fresnel Lens  

DEMO 12. Galilean Telescope  

DEMO 13. Infrared Radiation of Laser Pointer  

DEMO 14. Polarization of Light  

DEMO 15. Diffraction of Light    


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